The Granite University Sunday League (GUSL) follows the rules set out by the Canadian Curling Association with the following addenda:

  1. All games will follow the “bell” rule. This means that once the bell has rung you may finish the current end and play only one more. An end is considered finished (and therefore the next one started) once both sides agree on the score for the preceding end. If started on time, all games should be able to reach eight (8) ends. If the game is tied, one extra end will be played. If the game is still tied after an extra end, each skip will throw one rock to determine the winner of the game, and sweepers are allowed. If skips agree, the extra end may be skipped and the game will be decided by skips’ rocks. There shall be NO TIES in any game.
  2. If your team is not ready to begin at the specified start time [being 6pm, unless otherwise arranged in advance by both teams], you will automatically forfeit the hammer. Then after each 15 minutes you will lose one (1) point and forfeit an end. After 35 minutes have elapsed if only one team is present, a default score of 0‐4 will be awarded to that team.
  3. The league is a modified mixed league. Each team must try to play with at least one male and one female. The skip and third must be of different genders. If there is an absence that makes playing with at least one male or female impossible a team is permitted to play as a team of three with all members of the same gender.
  4. Substitutes may play any position provided that no player on the original team is demoted and there are at least two members of the original team. You may play with a team of three; lead and third throw three rocks each, skip throws two.
  5. The 5 rock free guard zone rule is in effect.
  6. A rock will be stopped in motion if any portion of the thrower’s hand is over the hog line before the release of the rock.
  7. If you must cancel or postpone your game it is your responsibility to inform the other team and the drawmaster (Shawn, at at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in a default score of 0‐4.

To cancel a game:

  • inform opponents and the drawmaster at least 24 hours in advance
  • inquire with the Granite Curling Club (780‐439‐0695) to determine when ice is available
  • arrange the makeup time with the opposing team and book ice with the Granite Curling Club
  • inform the drawmaster by e‐mail of the game’s outcome Makeup games must be complete by the final night of regular season games unless you discuss with the drawmaster.

drawmaster contact info

If you have any problems or questions about draw times or games, you can contact the drawmaster, Shawn Benbow at

regular season and playoff games

Games will be played Sundays at 6pm.
Watch your emails for further scheduling information.

double take‐out board

There will be a double take-out board in the club. Each time your team makes a double take-out prior to the bell sounding, take the board and set it at the end of your sheet. When the bell rings, the team with the board is entitled to a credit for a pitcher of beer or two jugs of pop in the lounge on the second floor. To claim your prize, please see the Granite bartender immediately after your game is over.

equipment usage and indoor shoes

The Granite Curling Club has graciously provided a limited selection of brooms and sliders that may be borrowed free of charge. Please note that the equipment is provided on a first come, first served basis.  You must wear clean indoor-only shoes on the ice.

special events nights

Watch your emails for further information

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